Artwork Guidelines

Please provide us with your Camera Ready Art.


We have completely updated our prepress department with some of the most recent technology. We have both PC and Macintosh computers.



  • A resolution of 1200 dpi for line art is recommended (minimum 600). Photos & screens should be at least 300 resolution.
  • We will use positioning provided by you in your file.
  • To avoid any additional charges, what you send should be exactly what you want printed. It should be the proper size, in the proper position, with correct color breaks, and all special instructions noted on the purchase order.
  • Include graphics and fonts, particularly if the fonts are not common. Or, save file to “outlines” to avoid font issues.
  • Include a contact name, company, phone and fax, and location at which we are printing the job with your email.
  • Compress files before sending with either Winzip or Stuffit – this will help prevent file corruption and reduce file size. Files larger than 10MB when compressed should be sent on disk.
  • A proof approval is required on ALL electronic files.
  • Please provide us with the name of the original program and version used to create the file being sent, particularly for eps and pdf files.



  • Spot color separations are required. RGB and CMYK files will incur additional charges, as they will need to be changed to spot color. Please reference PMS colors on your purchase order and within your digital files.
  • Proofs of spot color jobs can be sent via fax or as an emailed pdf file. Please let customer service know which proofing option you prefer.



  • Files submitted must be saved to CMYK.
  • A correct color sample or color key should be provided. When submitting a new job, we recommend a matchprint. We are not responsible for color without a matchprint on new jobs.
  • Bleeds, Borders, Large Solids or Screens require additional charges and restrictions and may cause additional offsetting. No reprint or credit will be given due to offsetting.
  • Pictures and screens should be at least 300 dpi. If straight line type is used, it should be saved to at least 600 dpi, and should be kept to one color to ensure registration.
  • Proofs of process color jobs can be sent via email or inkjet color proof can be mailed (these proofs are for copy, not color).
  • We also offer a matchprint proof that is generated from your negatives, which shows the color your job will print (call for pricing). The most accurate proofing option (and most expensive) is a press proof. Pricing for a press proof can be obtained from our customer service dept.


Our Current Programs:
Update our current programs to Illustrator CS5 Photoshop CS5
We can accept files in the above programs (and earlier versions). We can also accept eps files, color separated PDF files, simple PC Microsoft Word and Excel documents (black and white text only, no logos), and one color tif files.


Not Recommendable:
PDF files that are not color separated. Publisher documents should be saved as color separated pdf files (save as postscript and then convert to pdf). Straight Photoshop documents are not recommended. JPEG, GIF, BMP, PICT, and WMF files are for web and screen display and are usually not suitable for printing purposes. We do not have the programs Corel Draw, Freehand, InDesign, and therefore they must be put into a format we can use (see above). Any file originating from one of these programs may have compatibility issues. We recommend that you contact us before sending files in any of our “not recommended” formats.

Please note images intended for preview purposes only.
All computer monitors are calibrated differently. Images should not be used to match colors.